Serving our clients: a quick summary

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It has been more than 5 weeks since the shutdown (“confinement” in France) came and turned all our lives upside down.

In no time at all, computers were re-configured and trimmed for home offices, new communication channels and work processes defined - a great challenge for a company like ours as we follow the "four-eyes principle" to ensure complete transparency and document all our processes carefully.

I must admit that we only had a vague plan for such a scenario, our experience only went as far as employees working from home during parental leave.

However, feeling responsible towards our clients and their businesses we did everything in our power to make the new processes work – and they did after a very short time.

I would like to express particular praise to our IT and to our payroll department and our lawyers, especially as the French government let us down in some areas (short-time work) and we had to improvise. In fact, we still do.

Nevertheless, we are very pleased we have achieved our most important goal: all businesses of our clients which we administer are fully operational, all salaries are paid on time, and taxes are managed, which clearly shows how important it is to have someone on-site whom you can trust to take good care of your affairs in your best interest.

Regarding the InterGest Worldwide network I can report that Corona has  by all means enhanced our digitalization. After only a week, we had the first digital conference with participants from 27 countries, as reported in our previous newsletter.

I personally found a new friend called Microsoft Teams! I am therefore happy to answer any questions you may have during and after Corona in audio & video conferences.

With my best regards & please stay safe,

Prof. Peter Anterist